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    Hi, first question is: are you managing your 1930 in the aruba-instant-on-portal or local? if portal you have to go to: - "Inventory", wich opens all your devices from that location - open your 1930 under devices - chose "link aggegation" ...

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    Regards How can I reset the admin password, he changed it and I don't remember. It is an Aruba 1920S switch and I cannot erase anything from the configuration. ------------------------------ Richard Hernandez ------------------------------

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    Hello, I am planning to buy a HP1930-24 (JL682A) unit and I have a few questions. Is it possible to temporarily restrict access for a certain VLAN to some Internet services/pages (identified by IP or web addresses)? This temporary restriction should be ...

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    Hello I have a small 5 bedroom B&B and am looking for someone in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico to help me upgrade my existing network and VOIP. I am open to hiring someone local, but preferably I'd like to trade a few nights at our wonderful ...

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    @unifiedts The 25 AP's would need to be in a different VLAN and a different site than the conference room AP's. Thanks for the clarification ------------------------------ Grave Maggot ------------------------------