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    Yes. It's too bad. However, take note: if you try hard enough, you might find alternative optics that do work. It's hit or miss. But the optics thing has always been a cash cow for switch makers. It's only recently they are opening things up more. This ...

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    You should be looking under the Quality of Service page. By default the switch trusts both 802.1p and DSCP. ------------------------------ TKWITS ------------------------------

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    The LED blinking is definitely odd. It's so hit or miss what the LED does when there is traffic. In one internet speed test, the LED blinks slow during download but intermittently fast during upload. TCP Iperf tests between two hosts the LED only blinked ...

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    RE: Loud one speed fan

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    I can provide the firmware to others via a factory defaulted 'backup image'. Message me if you want it. The only reason my switch got it was I set it up on the AIO portal before migrating it to 'local management'. Sorry to say though the fan ...

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired why aren't firmware downloads available via a support page or somewhere else? where is fw version