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  • I cannot connect at all on 5 GHz with the T430. If I try to connect it fails immediately and it cannot reconnect to any SSID (the adapter stops seeing all SSIDs, even from other devices). The only way that I've found to fix this is to I diagnose the T430's ...

  • I shall give that a try later, although I have precious little confidence. ------------------------------ Still can't change my name from FL17! ------------------------------

  • Hi, I opened a case about this seven weeks ago and I was finally told today that the PSE LED is not operational in the AP11D.

  • Hi Sylvain, firstly thanks for the reply and the heads up, I was able to set it all up and get everything running already. I'd like however to expand on my experience and possibly have some better documentation produced for these specific cases ...

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    App Aruba doen't close

    Hi to all, The app Aruba instant on in android after this last update doesn't close , already reinstalled but the problem mantain can you help ? best regard Nil