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  • you are correct. What we did, in fact, didn't work the way we planned for it to. We have taken it back and are working on a correction. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and the delay. I Will update when we know something more.

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    RE: Roaming

    k and v are not supported.

  • this would be helpful indeed, I think in general there should e more options. for example I have acces to 2 sites, one is at home, the other with friends apartment. I would like to get also alerts disabled by site. If planning to install these devices ...

  • I can't find a way for there to be no communication between the different networks created in NAT in Aruba instant ON. For example, I have an SSID with the network and another with the network and I want there to be communication ...

  • The AP's will continue to broadcast their SSID's if the internet has an outage. The local LAN still needs to be operational. ------------------------------ Greg Thiesen ------------------------------