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    Hello Gonzalo, how are you? So far nothing ------------------------------ Samuel Ferreira Dos Santos ------------------------------

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    Hi, how do the 1930 Switches restart when they are managed in AIO Portal and updated? Do they all restart and update together? Or are they restarting each after another? I think it would be better if they restart in sequence in some cases so if there ...

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    RE: Loud one speed fan

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    This fan is still unacceptably loud under firmware version 1.0.4. I have mine (24 port POE) in a well-ventilated laundry room on the second floor of my house. The casing is cold to the touch, the temperature near the intake fan is 79.8 degrees F, the ...

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    That's exactly what I'm seeing. I don't have any VLANs defined at the moment. ------------------------------ Walther Lalk ------------------------------

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    I have the same exact issue. Probe port still marked as type=probe, but mirror session missing from table. Cant change it back to type=normal and can't select it from the mirroring dropdown lost. ------------------------------ JASON YOUNG ---------- ...