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  • Good luck to those that have already bought into this option. But it really doesn't look like it's the reliable alternative I'd been led to believe it might be. Thanks at least to Aruba for providing this forum to allow the issues with their products ...

  • Have you repeated the scenario with a different switch (non 1930) and if so did the problem disappear and then return when the 1930 reinstalled? Just asking cuz Aruba probably won't. I just did a house with 9 AP22's and I really wanted to use a 1930 ...

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    RE: Allow for MPSK

    Hi Oscar, Thank you so much for suggesting this feature. We don't have this, but we've shared it with our teams internally. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------

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    RE: Instant AP 11

    Hi Satyabhan, We want to assist you with your concern, but we need more information. Can you please contact our Aruba Instant On support team for further assistance? ------------------------------ Aruba ...

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    RE: Portability

    Hi Marcelle, We're here to help. Can you provide us with the model number for the device? ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------