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    I ended up switching to TP-Link Omada for my purposes, but I did get wired Clearpass working for InstantOn switches. I don't remember specifically what I was missing on the switch side, however I've pasted my last config that I'm pretty sure was working ...

  • My understanding, based on the last Town Hall, is that SNMP in Cloud Management is coming for the 1960s; no indication that it's road mapped for the 1930s or lower, which is a huge shame. 1930 is the sweet spot for us, and I suspect many on this forum. ...

  • Starting on March 29th this year, to date I have over 3000 messages "Some devices are offline on site PLUGH Site" And absolutely ZERO clues as to what is causing this. On average, I get this message between 2 and 3 times an hour. all day, every day, ...

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    Hi, do you have a solution for this topic ------------------------------ Dieter Arzt ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    I was referring to switches, but it applies to both WAPs and switches.