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  • You are just avoiding the question. The boxes have been opened therefore the seal would be broken. How safe are these to use ? .. What checks are in place that hardware and software has not been tampered with ? ------------------------------ Jaden ...

  • Hello, in many cases we have difficulties with signal levels and roaming between APs. Will it be possible in near fututre (is it on roadmap anywhere) to have a possiblity to manually adjust the power levels for APs? Additionaly, we noticed that clients ...

  • The InstantOn AP's do not support this feature. ------------------------------ Greg Thiesen ------------------------------

  • The Power is auto-adjusted based on the conditions of interference. ------------------------------ Greg Thiesen ------------------------------

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    RE: Security of updates

    I Too would like to know this. How safe are the access points from tampering, with either software / hardware ? ------------------------------ Brad SS ------------------------------