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  • 1.  Cloud Vs Local

    Posted 7 days ago
    Good evening, 

    I'm awaiting on stock in the UK (circa 3 months now) for a 1930 24 POE switch 613A if I recall.  Currently using Unifi, which has it's pros and cons.  Main reason for moving across to HPE is I have experience of their support in corporate environments previously, even though putting firmware behind a paywall these days compared to Dell was a poor idea.. 

    Unifi's hardware warranty is shocking IMHO as you fight to get a warranty replacement, then have to ship back to them at your expense.  Even though it's a failure on their product.  

    I've registed for portal account etc. but haven't started to setup a site yet (1930 POE 24 port switch, 8 port 1830 POE switch and AP25).  AP25 and 1830 are sat boxed still as I rather install as one setup rather than a mix of Unifi and HPE AIO.

    Is there plans to offer the same config options for a local login Vs a cloud login?  I have managed HPE ProCurve and Cisco switches previously etc.  My UK partner tried to get me to go none AIO route due to lead times, but the price and other factors put me off, although I may still consider.

    Mike Scott