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  • 1.  Dropping users on Wifi

    Posted 02-07-2023 10:25 AM
             We have about 500+ ap's across our estate  all running instand and local controller per sight, we are running clearpass to authenticate and generally 2 SSID, one for visitor one for Corp.    We've bene haveing complaints of users disconnecting. What they are experiencing is the windows world icon and not internet.  on clearpass they get
    ERROR Core.MacAuthSessionQueryEventHandler - Failed to get MacAuth session info for as they fail. They then can't get back on, takes upto 15 mins. sometimes a reboot will do it, sometimes a switch to airplane mode will help.   This isn't effecting everyone. probably 20-30 from 6000.  can't see anything in common.   We have been running a 3 SSID for test, sharing the same VLAN as the Corp SSID. could this be the cause.  I have this morning disabled the Test SSID at one site to see if it makes a difference.   We are not running 802.1x on these vlans... any/ all suggestions welcome


    andy reynolds

  • 2.  RE: Dropping users on Wifi

    Posted 02-08-2023 09:24 PM

    Hey Andy,

    This question is best suited for our friends over in the Airheads Community.


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