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  • 1.  Issues with a 1960 48G PoE

    Posted 03-02-2023 05:55 AM

    we installed an Aruba 1960 48G PoE in an small office from our customer.
    The Clients which connect to the switch are VoIP Phones from Alcatel. The phones make a data-throughput to the computers. 
    Everythings is fine , computers are online, the phones boot via PoE BUT they can´t log on the Phone Basestation. Normaly the switch sends the MAC Adresses 
    from the phones to the base station and the basestation provides an IP. But that doesnt work.
    Does anybody have an idea oder experienced similiar issues? Maybe the switch block some MAC Adresses ? 


    Cedric Roller

  • 2.  RE: Issues with a 1960 48G PoE

    Posted 03-07-2023 12:24 PM

    Hi Cedric,

    Thank you for sharing your issue with us here in the community. I shared this with my team, and they advised that our support team will be better suited to assist you.

    Aruba Instant On Communications

  • 3.  RE: Issues with a 1960 48G PoE

    Posted 27 days ago


    I'm running into exactly the same problem with our first Aruba 1960 Instant  on switch. Did you ever get an answer on this request ?

    From the Aruba switch, i can ping the PABX IP's address, but the Alcatel phone does not load the sofware for an unclear reason. 

    I do see the phone connected on the swith into the Voice vlan 100 though. PC's working in VLAN 1 work fine.

    Paul Thijs

  • 4.  RE: Issues with a 1960 48G PoE

    Posted 22 days ago

    Did you set the VLAN for the phone to "Voice Network" in the identification section? That enable the LLDP function to tell MED devices to switch VLAN's. You can see if they did by looking in the "Clients" section. The list should show which network the phone is on.

    Chris Ball