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  • 1.  Issues with AP22 working with AP11D

    Posted 06-12-2022 02:33 AM
    Hello all,

    New to Aruba and hitting a few problems which I hope you can help with.

    My AP11D seems to be set up and working fine, It is not doing any DHCP itself, that is done by my Firewalla device.

    Am I right in thinking that between the AP11D & AP22 I should be able to make a mesh wifi ?

    I have tried having the same SSID set up on both devices, but I found the AP22 was consistently changing from 2 green lights to solid Orange then back to 2 green lights.
    WIFI was dropping a lot as well.

    So to troubleshoot, I have changed the SSID on the AP22 to something different. It now seems to be 2 green lights for longer. But it still changes to solid Orange and then back to 2 green lights.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    The AP22 is POE powered

    Thanks if you can help 

    Dave Picker

  • 2.  RE: Issues with AP22 working with AP11D

    Posted 06-13-2022 02:35 PM
    So your AP22 is wired/poe and you want the AP11D to operate as mesh extension?  What's the distance between the AP22 and the AP11D?  AP11D was added in AP mode not router mode?  Try removing the AP11D from the system and then see how the AP22 leds are lit up, then if working properly then ad the AP11D in AP mode with the AP11D about 30' from the AP22.  If that's working then maybe increase the distance a little if you need to up to about 50'. 

    Which Firewalla are you using Purple or Gold?  I think those are the only two with a router mode.

  • 3.  RE: Issues with AP22 working with AP11D

    Posted 06-15-2022 08:51 PM

    Dave our support team needs more information from you. Can you reach out to them?

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