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  • 1.  Looking at Getting Instant On APs

    Posted 05-24-2022 12:23 PM
    Just had a couple of quick questions about getting some APs for our network.
    Now in some of the material that I have been reading it says that the APs can create a separate Guest SSID, now I am assuming that a VLAN is required to do this?
    or can this be managed by the APs itself

    The reason why I ask is we have a customer that we are overhauling this with need 2 SSIDs, one for the office workers/main current network and a separate for guest
    that works as 1 large contiguous wifi network so that the users can roam between building/aps. (right now they some consumer aps, but with no roaming ability)
    but at the moment do not have any managed switches to handle vlans.

    Ultimate goal is 
    Roaming between APs
    1 SSID work/current network
    1 SSID for Guests, but separate IP range

    Tim Poulter

  • 2.  RE: Looking at Getting Instant On APs

    Posted 05-27-2022 04:35 PM
    no guest vlan, the APs create a dhcp server for guests on a random IP subnet that is not routable to anything on any LANs, just internet access.  you just give it a name or ssid and decide if you want it open, password protected or a portal.

  • 3.  RE: Looking at Getting Instant On APs

    Posted 05-28-2022 02:09 PM

    Hey Tim! 

    Just to add a little to VaV's post; 

    - The APs will handle the routing/back end. No worries about managed switches. 

    - You can specify the IP scheme: the address range and amount of DHCP clients
    - As a Guest Network it will isolate clients from your Corporate networks and from each other. 

    - If you have the need, you can specify IP addresses that you grant guest users access to, in addition to internet access. 

    - You can limit bandwidth and specify a schedule that the guest network is active. 

    - You can create a custom guest portal, no additional equipment needed (and it's pretty decent, too)

    Hope this helps a bit.