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  • 1.  MAC Filtering

    Posted 01-06-2023 01:42 PM
    Looking for support for an Aruba 1930 managed through the web gui.
    Small network 13 laptops total, on a 24 port aruba instant on switch.

    I want to set up mac filtering on ports 1-22 for the 13 laptops. So any laptop can connect to those ports, and still be valid and connected. 
    However, when I got to Security>Port Security and then try to add all the mac addresses to one port, that works, but when trying again with another port, my entries become over-written ie. Port 1 -mac address x13 entries- on Vlan1. and then when implementing the same to Port 2 , all that is listed in the static MAC address table are the Port 2 entries.

    I changed the "Max MAC addresses allowed" on each port to 13, and re-did this and still no luck.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

    Branden Cross