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OfficeConnect OC20 system resets itself to factory defaults

  • 1.  OfficeConnect OC20 system resets itself to factory defaults

    Posted 08-03-2022 10:29 PM
    A strange scenario.
    I have a network of 7 x OC20 APs on a site. The site was closed and power was off during Covid (approx. 24 months) When site was powered on again the OC20 system was in a factory default state. So I took away and manually updated the firmware on the units then reset up the site fresh again as I read somewhere that there was  update to ver 1.2 that it might have missed. That all worked fine until recently there was an ISP outage and the site lost Internet for a few hours and after the internet came back on the OC20 system wouldn't work and the SSID had changed back to the initial setup hotspot. So I not have to reset one of the units again, create a new site then add in the rest of the APs to make up a new site once more. I cant find any article on the web where a similar scenario happened so just reaching out here to get some thoughts? I just don't want to have to site visit and reset every time there is a power/internet outage. Any thoughts?

    Steven Hannick