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Packet loss and latency on some devices after replacing previous HP switchs

  • 1.  Packet loss and latency on some devices after replacing previous HP switchs

    Posted 07-28-2022 02:16 AM

    Hello everyone,

    I've replaced two previous HP switchs (1920S 48G 4SFP) by another two HP (1930 48G 4SFP/SFP+), and now I've some odd issues with those, and I really dont know why, but I hope that the Aruba community with more exp than me, can guide me here.

    On my previous setup, I was using only one firewall connected to one switch, and each switch was connected by only one ethernet cable. There was only one SFP transceiver in one connected to another secundary cabinet. Before installing this new solution, there was no packet loss's on the device that I've (I've around 25 devices on Switch A1 and around 40 on Switch A2), there was no latency for at least one of the services that my endusers reported having it.

    Network diagram:

    Switchs firmware versions:

    Switch A1: (116)

    Switch A2: (125)

    Switchs Configurations:

    Switch A1:

    Switch A2:

    SFP and SFP+ tranceivers specs:

    - All tranceivers are equal per model.

    From Switch A1 and Switch A2, there are no errors and collisions per port (I've checked on 'port configuration' and 'RMON'),

    What I've done regarding that device (without success):

    - Changed the ethernet cable of that device.

    - Used another ethernet port of that device.

    - Connected that device on Switch A2 (it was connected on Switch A1).

    What I've done regarding the latency issue with one service hosted on intranet (connected to Switch A1), and used by office users:

    - Put on production Secundary Firewall, and that problem disappeared.

    Note: As a test, I've enabled loop protection on both switchs, by the time I am posting this thread. Will let you know if there was any changes.

    Fábio Cabrita