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  • 1.  Spanning Tree Recommended Settings

    Posted 08-24-2022 11:55 PM

    I have a hybrid of device ranging from HP Procurve, Aruba, Cisco IOS and Cisco Nexus siwtches. I've configured my Cisco Nexus as my root bridge using MST and its the inter-VLAN router as well. All other device, I've just enable spanning tree and using the default MSTP version for HP Procurve and Aruba. All on the default values for the max age, hops and forward delays as follows:

    Max Age : 20
    Max Hops : 20
    Forward Delay : 15

    I've a got a pair of wireless device(Ubiquiti) setup which I want to be my backup link in case my main fibre link drop. At this stage its in testing process in the same scenario but is linked to our live environment and using the Nexus as the root bridge. Spanning tree is doing its loop prevention fine:

    22 100/1000T | 20000 128 Blocking | 001b3f-b41980 2 Yes No
    A1 | Auto 128 Disabled |
    A2 10GbE-CX4 | Auto 128 Disabled |
    A3 10GbE-CX4 | Auto 128 Disabled |
    A4 | Auto 128 Disabled |
    Trk1 | 20000 64 Forwarding | 001b3f-c7ae00 2 Yes No

    However I notice that whenever I shutdown the designated port (Trk1) to test the failover it took almost 2 minutes for the alternate port to change into forwarding state.

    As of now all switch in our environment got spanning tree enabled with its default settings. Is there a way to fasten the port state ?

    I've tried to configure the lowest values for max age and forward delay to 6 and 4 with the hello time of 2 and still the same result

    Usaia Tawakevou

  • 2.  RE: Spanning Tree Recommended Settings
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-26-2022 12:25 AM
    I figure out my problem. Alternative port speed-duplex was set to auto-1000. Change that to auto and it converge faster 

    Usaia Tawakevou