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speed issue with 1960 JL806A

  • 1.  speed issue with 1960 JL806A

    Posted 07-06-2022 04:00 PM
    We have serious performance problems when using the above switch. While files are copied very quickly via the switch, the speed drops sharply when using an ERP system (SQL-Database). I am talking here about a drop in access via the switch between 5 to 10 times slower compared to performing the same actions directly on the host computer of the ERP system. Both times we use TCP as transport protocol, also locally on the host computer.

    For test purposes, we used a simple desktop switch TL-SG108 from tp-Link instead of the Aruba. Here, the performance only dropped by a factor of 2. This made us sit up and take notice. What are we doing wrong? A few facts:

      1. The server is connected to the Aruba via 10G Base-T port.
      2. FlowControl ist disabled on NIC and Aruba.
    1. The poor performance is noticeable on all workstations - from an Intel i5 up to an Intel i9 we measured the same values. Accordingly, independent of the clients.
    2. Then we have activated the jumbo frames on all the NICs and the Aruba. This brought no measurable improvement.
    3. A discussion an "Server+Switch 10Gb, Arbeitsstationen 1Gb, SQL-DB langsam" brought no help.
    What are we doing wrong? It can't be that a 20€ switch is 5 times faster than our Aruba.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Joachim Braun