How to Register

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Community Manager

How to Register

Welcome to Aruba Instant On!
Getting started as a member on our comunity "Aruba Instant On," has never been easier.

Step 1:
From the home screen, in the top right hand corner there will be an option to choose "Sign in| Register." Choose that option1.png


Step 2:
You will be redirected to another page that gives you the option to "Sign on" or "Sign Up," Choose the option to "Sign Up"


Step 3:
Complete all required fields. (First Name, Last Name, Username, Email Address, and Country)


Step 4:
If prompted, complete the reCAPTCHA. Then select "Register."4.pngAfter clicking register you will receieve an email with a temprary password. You can use this to log and set your actual password. After doing this you are now an IOn! Welcome to The Aruba Instant On community!