How to add pictures/videos

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How to add pictures/videos

 At some point you may want to add pictures or videos to you post. This may help if you are having trouble explaining an issue or if you are creating a post of "How To"

Step 1:
On the edit/create post page there will be a tab that you can select to add "Pictures" and/or "Videos." Choose your respected tab.

Step 2:
An "Add Files" loading screen will appear, this is where you will see your pictures/videos that you have selected to add to your post. Select "Add Files"

Step 3:
Select you pictures/videos that you want to add to your post. (By holding "Shift" you can choose multipule items).

Step 4:
Once you have selected you items, choose "Open" the bottom right hand corner

Step 5:
Once you have opened the items you wish to add. Choose "Done" in the bottom right hand corner of the "Add files" screen


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Re: How to add pictures/videos

Hello Jamie, 

Photos you used for this post are not visible, please re-upload 




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