Disable 2.4Ghz Radio and/or exclude specific channels.

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Disable 2.4Ghz Radio and/or exclude specific channels.


I was wondering if there are any plans to provide advanced users options to tweak their setup? I currently have 4x IAP-205 and 1x IAP-305 setup in my house and I'm looking to upgrade Instant On. I purchased an AP11 and AP12 for testing. Two options that I believe would benefit users would be:

1. The option to disable the 2.4Ghz radio, I try to use exclusively 5Ghz with line of sight, I don't require 2.4Ghz enabled on every AP. 

2. The option to exclude ARM from picking certain channels, I have an extensive Sonos installation running Sonosnet on Channel 6. It would be nice to tell the Instant On APs to not be able to use Channel 6 so that they aren't interferring with each other. 

Is there a feature roadmap available anywhere? 

I have to say that otherwise I am impressed with Instant On, I like the app over IAP Virtual Controller.