How To Troubleshoot Device Onboarding Issues Using Local Debug Page


How To Troubleshoot Device Onboarding Issues Using Local Debug Page

           The Local Debug page can be accessed using the IP Address of any device of the Site. Make sure that the AP is reachable from the device from which we are trying to take the access. This page provides data that gives an overall status of the AP for the following categories:

Device Information:

AP Model & Firmware version


Onboarding status & CloudConnect status

Network Information:

The IP address, Netmask, default gateway & DNS


Current Time & NTP log


Onboarding Status: This process is used when a device contact Portal Manager (cloud). Based on the state of the AP, The onboarding status will be in one of the following states


UnknownThe onboarding process is not started yet or the answer from the onboarding service is not received yet.
ChallengeChallenge-response is needed from portal manager.
UpdateA firmware update is required, The AP will upgrade, reboot and return to onboarding. 
RetryIn this case, the AP is ready to be configured.
ErrorAn error occurred during the onboarding process. In this case, an onboarding message will be displayed.
SuccessThe device is successfully onboarded


Cloud connect Status:

        This process is used when a device is configured in Portal Manager, Cloudconnect is used to report the state of the AP and transfer different stats. Cloud connect only has the following state:


  • Connected: When Cloudconnect is connected and there’s is no Cloudconnect message, The AP will be up and running in the Site
  • Error: When Cloudconnect is in error, the device will be reported as down in the Site, in this case having the Cloudconnect HTTP code and the Cloudconnect HTTP message could give information about the connectivity failure. Rebooting the AP could fix the issue, all the process will be restarted but before restarting the AP we recommend to verify if a Cloudconnect message is displayed.
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