How to check the Port status of an Instant ON AP?


How to check the Port status of an Instant ON AP?

  • Each Instant On AP has one wired port, except for the AP-11D model which has 3 additional LAN ports—E1, E2, and E3.
  • We can monitor the status of these ports through the Device-Inventory Page.
  • This feature is available for all the AIO devices and also available in both Router and Private Network modes.

This functionality monitors the below details for the respective ports:

  • Port Status (link up/down)
  • Ethernet speed negotiation
  • Download and Upload speed

To view the details of the port, follow the below steps:

Navigate to the Device Details page.
In the mobile app,
1. Tap any of the APs listed in the Inventory list.
2. The Access Point/Router Details page is displayed with details.Screenshot_20191212-044358_Aruba Instant On.jpg


In the web application,
1. Click the (>) arrow next to an AP in the Inventory list.
2. The AP detail is listed under the Properties tab.Capture-1.PNG

  • Ports status and its description:Capture-2.PNG


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