How to configure Radius Server in Aruba Instant ON?


How to configure Radius Server in Aruba Instant ON?

Login to the InstantON Mobile APP and Tap “networks are active” (Networks) tab.












Tap the “+” (add) symbol to create a new network.













  • Assign a Network Name.
  • Select Employee under Network Type.
  • Under Security, PSK based authentication will be the default authentication method.
  • To use Radius Authentication, Select “use authentication server (Radius) instead” option.













  • It changes the Security GUI to enter Radius parameters.
  • Add the Radius Server IP address.
  • Assign a Shared key - Enter the shared key for communicating with the external RADIUS server.
  • Shared Key should match with the Shared Secret configured on the Radius Server. 
  • Click More options to view the other Radius parameters.












  • More options display More parameters such as Server timeout, Retry count, Authentication port, NAS IP and NAS identifier.
  • You can use a Secondary Authentication server if needed.












  • Once the Parameters are assigned, Click “Done” icon in Create Network page to complete the Radius configuration.
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