How to create a site in Router Mode in Aruba Instant On


How to create a site in Router Mode in Aruba Instant On

  • Router mode lets us create a Site with one AIO AP acting as a Router (Mesh Portal with Wi-Fi), while all the other APs are added as Mesh points.
  • In Router mode, it is not possible to add more than one AP using Ethernet cable while they can be added over the air.

Step 1 :

  • Click on “Setup a new Site”.
  • This option brings up the setup wizard to create a new Site.


1. New site.JPGSet up a new site


Step 2 :

  • It is mandatory to have at least one Network in a Site.
  • Create the Network and click on Continue.


2.New site.JPGSet up your network


Step 3 :

  • Here, we can choose the type of Site to be created.
  • By default, the first option is selected. Select the Second Option for Router mode.
  • Click on Continue.


3.New site.JPGSet up your connectivity


Step 4 :

  • Here, we get a prompt to make sure an Instant On AP is connected to the LAN network and it gets an IP address from the DHCP server.
  • Once we confirmed that the AP is physically connected to a LAN network, click on Continue.


4.New site.JPGPlug in


Step 5 :

  • Here, we need to confirm that the AP is ready to be added to the site.
  • The power light will light up in alternating green/amber when it is ready to be discovered.
  • Click on Continue.


5.New site.JPGStand by


Step 6 :

  • Enter the Serial number of the AP that we are trying to add to the site.
  • On the Aruba Instant On app, it will automatically scan the APs via Bluetooth.
  • If the scanning fails, it is possible to obtain the serial number through Barcode scanning.
  • Click on Search for devices.


6.New site.JPGAdd new devices


Step 7 :

  • Here, the Portal / AIO App identifies the AP in the cloud and displays the AP model and Serial number.
  • Select your AP and click on Add devices to add the AP.


7.New site.JPGAdd new devices


Step 8 :

  • This step is to set the Site Name and the Location of the AP.


8.New site.JPGSet your country


Step 9 :

  • We get a confirmation that Your site is ready!, Click on Continue.


9.New site.JPGYour site is ready!

  • Once clicking on Continue, the new Site gets created.
  • The site will have one active network and one active device.
  • Initially the AP will be in Synchronizing state, which will change to Active mode as soon as the config sync is complete.


1.Extend over wireless.JPGNetworks Tab

Site Created.JPGDashboard



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