How to extend a Site over the LAN Network in Aruba Instant On


How to extend a Site over the LAN Network in Aruba Instant On

  • Once a Site is created, it is possible to extend the Site over the LAN Network.
  • Extending the Site is nothing but adding more APs to the Site.
  • The maximum number of APs in a Site can be 25.
  • In order to extend the Site over LAN, the new AP should be in the same VLAN (same LAN Network) as that of the existing APs.
  • If the new AP is in different LAN network, it is not possible to discover the new AP when there is an AP online in the existing Site.
  • If there are no APs online in the existing site, it gives us an option to manually enter the Serial number of the new AP and get discovered.
  • Having 2 APs from different Subnets in a single Site is called “Split Site”. Aruba does not recommend having Split Site.
  • If a Site is configured in Router mode, it is not possible to extend the Site by connecting the new APs in the same LAN Network.
  • The Site in Router mode can only be extended by adding APs over Air (Mesh Link).

Step 1 :

  • Click on Add devices to add a new AP to the existing Site.

Click on Add DevicesClick on Add Devices

Step 2 :

  • There are two options to extend the Network Over Cable / Over the Air.
  • Click on Search for my device.
  • If "Search for my device" is selected in a Site configured in Router mode, the APs will be discovered over Air instead of LAN network.

Add a new deviceAdd a new device

Step 3 :

  • All the APs connected to the same LAN as that of the existing AP, will get discovered in this page.
  • Click on Add devices.

Searching for devicesSearching for devices

Step 4 :

  • Click on Finish to complete the AP addition process.

New AP discovery is completeNew AP discovery is complete

  • Once the AP is added to the Site, we can see the new AP under Inventory.
  • The AP initially will be in Synchronizing state, which means the AP is pulling the configuration from the Portal.

Newly discovered AP in Synchronizing stateNewly discovered AP in Synchronizing state

  • Once the AP pulls the config, it starts broadcasting the networks.
  • The State of the AP then becomes Active.

Newly discovered AP in Active stateNewly discovered AP in Active state

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