How to extend a Site via Over The Air in Aruba Instant On


How to extend a Site via Over The Air in Aruba Instant On

  • Extend over wireless option lets us extend the Instant ON wireless network to areas where it is difficult to run cables.
  • Extending over wireless works like a Mesh link.
  • The pre-requisite for extending the network Over the Air is to have the new APs powered up within the Wireless coverage area of an existing AP that’s online in the site.
  • It is possible to extend a Site in both Router and Private Network Mode.
  • When adding new APs to the Router Mode, the AP acting as the Router in the Site will provide the IP address to the new APs and act as the default gateway for the new APs.
  • When adding new APs to the Private Network Mode, the external DHCP server will provide an IP address to the new APs. The default gateway IP address will be set as per the parameters received through the DHCP process.

Step 1 :

  • Click on Add devices in the Inventory page to add a new AP to the site.

1.Extend over wireless.JPGClick on Add devices

Step 2 :

  • Click on How to extend my Network.

2.Extend over wireless.JPGAdd a new device

  • Click on Extend over the air to discover the APs over the wireless medium.
  • In Router Mode, you can also directly click on Search for my device to extend the network over wireless.

1.over wireless.JPGExtend over the air in Cluster Mode

Step 3 :

  • Make sure that the new AP is powered on and within the area of the existing APs in the Site.
  • Click on Search for my device to initiate the AP discovery.

4.Extend over wireless.JPGPower on your device

Step 4 :

  • The Portal / App starts discovering for new APs within the wireless coverage area of the existing APs.

3.Extend over wireless.JPGSearching for devices

 Step 5 :

  • The App discovers all the APs in the range.
  • When clicking on Add devices, it allows us to select the APs that we want to add to this Site.

5.Extend over wireless.JPGSearching for devices

 Step 6 :

  • Once the required APs are selected, the APs gets added to the Site.
  • Click on Accept.

6.Extend over wireless.JPGSelect the discovered APs

Step 7 :

  • Click on Finish to complete the Network extension over air.

7.Extend over wireless.JPGDiscovery complete

  • Once the AP is added to the Site, it will be listed under Inventory.
  • The new AP gets into Synchronizing state initially and becomes Active as soon as configuration sync is successful.

8.Extend over wireless.JPGNew AP in Inventory tab

  • Once the AP becomes Active, it starts broadcasting the Networks and allows clients to connect through the Network.

9.Extend over wireless.JPGExtending the Site over the air complete

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