List of Desired / Missing Features

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List of Desired / Missing Features

Being aware the SMB product line must differentiate itself form enterprise level products and cannot provide the same feature set, consider the following as an incomplete list of suggestions.

My wishlist:

  • local user database for enterprise authenticatino in addition to external RADIUS server
  • configurable NTP server used by access points
  • configurable bandwidth limit for guest networks
  • block "unwanted" traffic especially for guest networks
  • ability to receive alarms by email or SNMP traps
  • manually triggered software updates
  • logfile download and/or syslog support

Nice to have:

  • better, more meaningful statistics (weekly, port-based etc.)
  • block traffic identified in analysis or defined by some kind of ACL

Other members already suggsted (i might have missed something):

  • static channel assignment for the 2.4GHz band
  • MAC address "nickname" assignement
  • LED light control

Already accessible through debug information on individual access points, but would be great if displayed in App / Cloud UI:

  • show NTP status
  • show version of installed software

What would you like to see?

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Re: List of Desired / Missing Features (even more)

I found the following additional feature requests by other members:
  • deny/permit by MAC address
  • notification/alarm when new, unknown client joins
  • MPSK support
  • external captive portal
  • generated token based guest access
  • payment processing for guest access
  • two factor authentication for admin logon
The following features have already been mentioned to be included in future releases:
  • social media guest login
  • DHCP service (for non-guest networks)
  • "bandwidth contract"
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Re: List of Desired / Missing Features (even more)

i would also like the ability to turn off 2.4ghz  and to be able to assign the 2.4 and 5ghz radios to a network. so i can seperate them out. In my experience with the 11d the band steering isnt very good on these so far and would like to do it manually.

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Re: List of Desired / Missing Features (even more)

Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it. We will keep this under consideration as we work on the roadmap for Instant On.

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Re: List of Desired / Missing Features (even more)

Quota base or Bandwidth limit base Guest token generate is very useful
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