Managing two Sites in the same Location:


Managing two Sites in the same Location:

  • When there is a requirement to create two Sites in the same location, we have to create two different VLANs and map it to two different sites respectively.
  • It is expected behavior, that we cannot create multiple sites for the APs in the same VLAN

For example:

Let’s say there are two AIO devices connected in VLAN 10 and these two devices are added to the site “SITE-1”. In this case, we cannot create another site “SITE-2” by connecting the third AIO device in the same VLAN 10. This is because the APs in the same broadcast domain will operate as a single cluster and the third AIO device will try to join the existing APs on the same VLAN. Hence, The third AIO device can only be discovered through the site “SITE-1”.

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Re: Managing two Sites in the same Location:

Im looking at replacing a Wi-Fi system on site that has 23 Access Points at the moment, which is close to the limit of 25 APs in AIO.

I was hoping that it I could use a second site to increase the number of AIO AP's that we could have to increase coverage if we reached the 25 AP limit.

I was hoping that I would be able to have multiple sites in the same location, with the APs all in the same management VLAN behind the same internet router.

I might need to rethink using AIO...

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