What are the different States of an Aruba Instant On AP?


What are the different States of an Aruba Instant On AP?

  • Once an Instant ON AP is added to a site, there are totally 4 possible states an AP can be in,.
  1. Offline
  2. Synchronizing
  3. Active
  4. Restarting
  • Offline:
    • The APs keep polling continuously to the Cloud Server to make sure it has Internet reachability.
    • The polling happens using https port (443).
    • When the polling fails to Cloud Servers, the AP is considered to be Offline.
    • Any config change done to the site will not be pushed to the AP/s when the state is offline.

Offline StateOffline State

  • Synchronizing :
    • The state becomes Synchronizing, when a Config Push from the Portal / App is in progress.
    • For example, when a new Network is created, the portal / App pushes the new Network to the APs via Cloud Server.
    • The state remains until the configuration is synced.


  • Active :
    • When the AP starts communicating to the Cloud server, it means that the AP has Internet Connectivity.
    • The APs' state becomes Active in the App and Portal.
    • The Active state is an indication that the APs are in sync with the Cloud with respect to configuration status..

Active StateActive State

Restarting StateRestarting State


State Duration :

  • The State Duration shows how long an AP was in the respective state.
  • The State Duration does not include the Synchronizing state.
  • When the state is Active, the State Duration shows how long the AP was powered on (Irrespective of the AP losing connection to the Cloud and regaining the connection again).
  • When the state is Offline, the State Duration shows how long the AP was not able to communicate with the Cloud.
  • When the state is Restarting, the State Duration shows the time duration since the Restart button was clicked.
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