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Aruba 1930 Cloning config procedure

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Aruba 1930 Cloning config procedure


i'm struglling with cloning config fromone switch to another (have 12 of them). All swirches are on last software 1.0.2. I have tried next:

-exported startup config on configured switch to linux or windows

-try to import config to new swich  to startup config (no error)

-press save, reboot

-after reboot no change is present (setting which are in file are not present in switch)

Same behaviour is observer if i try to update config on switch from where export was created. (exported file, deleted some setting, observed setting after save startup and reboot).

Is there any possibility to recreate switches with config export/import?

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Re: Aruba 1930 Cloning config procedure

ok, this is solved. Save button means copy running to startup.

What i was doing was first import config into startup, then click button save. 

I was very effective overriding my changesSmiley Sad(