Poor Performance AP11 & Adding More Devices

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Poor Performance AP11 & Adding More Devices

Hello, just purchaed and finding the signal keeps dropping out on Iphone and moving back to 4G. Based in UK I have Virgin Media Hub 3 which turned off Wireless. AP11 is connected to Cat5 which goes back to Netgear Switch. Very unstable and low broadband speed. I have 200mb in Virgin wired and see less than 30mb (when working) via the AP11.Are there any chnages I need to make ?

Also I am having no luck adding second/third decices. Plugging into Cat5 and its not recognizing. 

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Re: Poor Performance AP11 & Adding More Devices

I'd start by connecting a PC with an ethernet cable to the netgear switch where the AP11 is connected.

Use the inventory page to check the ethernet port of the AP11, hopefully this is 1000MB/full.

Does it obtain an IPv4 address in the same network as the AP11 ? (use the AP  list in the inventory screen to find the AP11 IPv4 address)

Run the throughput testing - here, we expect pure ethernet, so the results should be pretty close to the 200MB (providing the test server can accommodate) and verifies that portion of the path.

ping the AP11 - what does the RTT and loss look like ?  Expect loss <1% and RTT  < 5ms. if not, check netgear port, cable, and perhaps the AP11.

Connect the other APs in the same fashion. These should also have IPv4 addresses in the same network.

Inventory -> add devices    should display the new device and allow them to be added to the network.


disabling the 3g/4g in the phone, or test with a device that only has the 802.11 interface.

See if this device remains stable with good connectivity, low loss, and expected throughput, then move to testing the phone (without the 3g/4g enabled) . The client screen should show "good quality" signal.

It's critical to know which frequency band the client is connected, 2.4ghz 20Mhz wide , with a 1x1 client, 72.2Mbps is the maximum you'll see - speedtests are usually TCP, so 30Mbps sounds about right.  With a 2x2 client 144Mbs is theoretically possible.   It's interesting to watch the AP utilization during such tests.

Important is that all clients obtain good and consistent service at the same time.