Instant On - Wireless Release Notes

Version 2.0.2 includes the following:

  • Aruba Instant On AP software version 2.0.2.
  • Disable multicast services sharing across networks by default and allow global control of the functionalityDue to detected issues with Sonos speakers and Chromecast devices.
  • Other bugs fixes and stability improvements
Version 2.0.1


New Features and Enhancements
The following section lists the features and enhancements introduced in the different Aruba Instant On
software, mobile app, and web application releases.

Version 2.0.1 includes the following:

  • Aruba Instant On AP software version 2.0.1.
  • Fixed the DLNA and Amazon TV compatibility issue.
  • Other bugs fixes and stability improvements.

Version 2.0.0 includes the following:

  • Aruba Instant On AP software version 2.0.0.
  • Aruba Instant On Switch software version 1.0.1.
  • Ability to configure and monitor Instant On 1930 Series switches.
    • Aruba Instant On 1930 Series switches will be available to order on June 1st 2020.
  • Ability to add Instant On switches to a new or any existing site.
  • Automatic synchronization of wired networks across Instant On devices.
  • Quick view of port statuses and wired clients activity.
  • Additional switch configurations, such as, Rapid spanning tree, 802.1X authentication, and Link aggregation.
  • Ability to edit and rename any wired or wireless client for better identification.
  • Allow full or limited access to specific network destinations for wireless clients.
  • Ability to access and share typical multicast services, such as, printing, sharing and casting across networks.
  • Simplified preferred partner integration with Aislelabs, Purple, Skyfii, and Wavespot for easy guest portal setup and comprehensive analytics.
  • Better control over software updates to install them immediately or delay them by an additional week.


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