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How Firmware upgrade works in Aruba Instant ON?

  • 1.  How Firmware upgrade works in Aruba Instant ON?

    Posted 12-13-2019 07:08 PM
    • Aruba Instant ON APs automatically update the image once the latest version is available in the Cloud Server.
    • Whenever a new version is available, all APs in the site can be upgraded to the new version automatically.
    • Instant On AP allows you to control when the new image should be updated. This is done by configuring a day of the week and time of your preference for the site on the Instant-On Mobile app or web application.

    Follow the below steps to manage the upgrade:

    1. Navigate to the Site management page.Untitled.png


    2. Click the Software update tab to view the scheduling options.Untitled-1.png


    3. Select the Preferred "day" of the week for the software update to be installed automatically.
    4. Select a suitable "Time" from the drop-down menu.
    5. Each AP installs the new software image and reboot during the scheduled time.


    • The APs will restart during the Software Upgrade and hence the clients connected to the respective APs will get disconnected.
    • Normally, The APs upgrade time takes around 5-10 minutes hence it is recommended to schedule the upgrade during the downtime
    • The APs will continue to run in the previous image version if the software update gets failed.

    NOTE : Critical software updates may override these settings and will be installed within 24 hours.