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    RE: Port off

    Hey Rasito, Please take a look at the configuration guide below to help with your concern. https://higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws.com/AIO/UploadedImages/147be25c-bcb8-4e18-8ecc-a6cc77b4ed6c/1930_Management_and_Config_Guide.pdf ...

  • Was there ever any resolution to this set of issues? I'm finding that I can't pair most of my Sonos gear. I'm regretting buying Aruba. ------------------------------ Zak Berrie ------------------------------

  • Greetings! I have an AP-22 (running v2.4.0) installed at my parents house, which has been working flawlessly for almost a year. My dad received a Ring Doorbell (2020) and Ring FloodLight for Xmas. When trying to set-up the Ring devices via their app, ...

  • Hey Mark, I wanted to check and see if this was a known issue with our team. We don't have any known issues, and if the problem is still happening, please contact our support team directly. https://www.arubainstanton.com/contact-support/ ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: AP11D Router and DHCP

    Hey Josh, Gorazd is correct, this is all possible with the AP11D in router mode. ------------------------------ Aruba Instant On Communications ------------------------------