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  • Hi all, am I missing something? I'm the admin on my network, and I'm following the steps in the user guides. But I can't find the "gear" that gives me advanced options in the Networks panel. This is where Shared Services are supposed to be... I have ...

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    Aruba WLC Ap515||

    can anyone tell me or assist me , how can i backup my current firmware of my aruba wlc AP 515. thanks in advance !! ------------------------------ Mr Jeet ------------------------------

  • Hello I'm new here and this is my first post. My AP22 is reboot several times and eventual stays up only repeat this the next day or hours later. My wired connection is fine from my 1830 switch is fine. Where can I find troubleshooting guide to information? ...

  • Hey there, We'll wait to see what the official response is, but I'll give my two cents if that's okay. The AIO line shouldn't be your customer's "all-in-one" solution, especially for what you're looking for. While the features are really handy, and ...

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback. I found it and tried it out. Unfortunately, an update alone wasn't enough, I had to reset the switch as well. But then it worked :D Best ------------------------------ Marc Schmidt ------------------------------