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    RE: Engine ID SNMP

    Are there privacy issues with that line or can you share it with the rest of us? Would be much easier to get it from here instead of waiting for support. ------------------------------ Dominik Duchardt ------------------------------

  • i try to creat ssid with airwave instant ap using msk local i see that the maximum link for psk is 16 caracteres i need to use osk at least 20 careters can u help me? ------------------------------ djouad berrahma ------------------------------

  • Hello. I'm trying to add a new AP25 to an already existing site, but the device search never finds it. To troubleshoot I tried adding it to a different site that we have set up, we've got a few as we're an MSP. The 2nd site finds it just fine. So ...

  • Hi, FYI im using my work account for this post. I had registered an account on the community at some point with my personal email address and don't think i used it. I have managed to logon but get an account disabled. How do i get this enabled. ...

  • Hi, I verified that once the DHCP issue was resolved the devices went online automatically. Regards. ------------------------------ Carlos Visser ------------------------------