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How to Whitelist domains for External Captive Portal Network.

  • 1.  How to Whitelist domains for External Captive Portal Network.

    Posted 12-16-2019 05:09 PM


    • These are the domains that are allowed for the unauthenticated users to access automatically as they are Whitelisted. 
    • The automatic URL whitelisting is disabled by default.
    • This comes into play in pre-auth role of Guest users connecting to the External Guest Network.
    • To add a Whitelist domain, Navigate to Guest Portal page in Aruba Instant ON, Enter the desired Domain name and click “+” symbol.
    • Once the URL is added, click “Apply Changes” tab to save the configuration.
    • Up to 253 URLs can be whitelisted.
    • Use the bin symbol to delete the Entry which you don’t want to whitelist anymore.












    • In this example, we have whilelisted the domain “community.arubainstanton.com” for the External Captive portal.
    • Here is a quick video which shows How Whitelisting domain works for an end user.



    • In this Video, the end user before Authenticating, tried to access google.com and facebook.com but not able to access those domains.
    • However when user accessed “community.arubainstanton.com”, it provided a response with its webpage.
    • Below captures show the background process.