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What is needed for a brand new Setup

  • 1.  What is needed for a brand new Setup

    Posted 11-06-2019 06:16 PM
    I have a new property (about 4k square foot house) that has cat6a cabling in multiple rooms and all terminates into a patch panel in a data closet. I then have Verizon Fios as my ISP with an ONT that also is housed in this data closet. Now what is needed for me to use Aruba's InstantOn in this environment and what is the order of connections here? Basically I want to purchase some APs and I know I need a PoE switch. However, do I do Verizon ONT -> Switch -> Aruba InstantOns? My main concern is that I have some things like televisions or computers that I want to plug directly into the existing data outlets that I have installed and have all of these items be on the same network. I am used to the setup of Modem -> router -> switch -> APs (which is how I think it works) and I am trying to translate that in this model where basically I have one InstantOn AP that seems to act like the router(?) and seems to come off the switch?

  • 2.  RE: What is needed for a brand new Setup

    Posted 11-07-2019 12:06 PM

    @aruba17  Please take a look at our user guide.


    For your wired devices make sure you have a switch that will support the number of devices you will have (TV, Computer, AP's) and your Fios should be providing DHCP and all devices will all be on the same network.