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How to configure External Guest Portal Page

  • 1.  How to configure External Guest Portal Page

    Posted 12-12-2019 08:08 PM

    Guest Portal is configured for Captive Portal / Guest Networks.

    Guest portal configuration in a particular Site is global for all the Guest Networks in that site.

    There are two ways to configure Guest portal from PC GUI.

    Method 1:

    • Login to Aruba Instant On portal.
    • Click the Settings Icon on top right corner.
    • It will display a Drop down list with multiple options, -> Select Site Management.
    • It Navigates to Site management page -> Select Guest Portal.






















    Method 2:

    • Login to Aruba Instant On portal -> Click Networks tab.
    • Select the Captive portal SSID -> Click Customize guest portal.
    • This will direct the user to Guest Portal page.























    Configuring External Guest Portal Page:

    • On Guest Portal page, Select External option from the drop down list.

    Server URL:

    • URL - Enter the URL for the external splash page server.
    • Redirect URL - Specify a redirect URL if you want to override the user's original http request and redirect them to another URL.

    Whitelisted Domain :

    • The URLs that are allowed for the unauthenticated users to access are automatically whitelisted. Use “+” icon to add multiple URLs.

    RADIUS Server:

    • It is mandatory to provide External Radius server information for authentication as internal server option is not present in Instant On.
    • Secondary radius server is optional.
    • Radius accounting is optional – Radius accounting posts accounting information of the client to Authentication server.

    Click Apply Changes to save the configuration.