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Need HW (AP/Switch) recommendation for SOHO

  • 1.  Need HW (AP/Switch) recommendation for SOHO

    Posted 08-12-2020 02:58 PM

    My Home is now an Office for 2 parents (HPE Employees), a High School for 2 student and the University  for 1 student . My router is trying to managed 45+ devices, (about 35 Wi Fi and 10 wired;some connected via a switch), and it hangs daily.  I need a strong Router and Wi Fi.  For work I preffered to be Wired since it provides a better Skype/Team/Zoom experience, plus I have other equipments that must be Wired too.

    What HW (AP/Switch) would you recommend?

    Can I use an Instant On AP as Router and a Switch to connect othe AP  and Wired devices?

    Perhaps a AP11D (acting as Router)

    • One 1930 Switch (8Port) connected to AP11D
      • Other Wired only Devices (about 6) connected to Switch
      • Another existing Switch (8Ports) connected to 1930 Switch
        • Wired only Devices (about 5 more)
    • Two AP12 (connected via wire to AP11D or 1930 Switch) 

  • 2.  RE: Need HW (AP/Switch) recommendation for SOHO

    Posted 08-12-2020 10:28 PM

    @haboscio Using an AP11D does not replace your ISP router so if that is the failure point in the network have your ISP replace it. The AP11D could be placed after your ISP router and manage all the devices on your network. Not sure of your cabling in our environment, but you could use a 1930 24 port switch and plug all device directly into that and then into your AP11D then into your ISP router. And depending on coverage and interference to AP12 and the AP11D might give you good coverage. 


    ISP-->AP11D-->1930 switch-->AP12(2) and all other network wired devices