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  • 1.  AP vs Router mode

    Posted 09-10-2023 07:59 PM

    I have an AP11d setup in AP mode right now. I was thinking of replacing my current router a Firewalla Purple because it is having some issues. Can I take the 11D and move it to router mode, keeping the Vlans I created on the 1830 switch? I guess I'm asking, do I need to re-create the Vlans on the 11D to mirror the switch?

    Michael Houser

  • 2.  RE: AP vs Router mode

    Posted 09-12-2023 09:52 AM

    Hi Michael, 

    You may need to recreate the site to put AP11D in router mode and connect 1830 behind the AP11D ports so need to create the VLANs on the portal again.

    however in general if you are using existing sites VLANs need not to be recreated for each device on the site and its a site specific config. 

    Dhanasekar Panneerselvam

  • 3.  RE: AP vs Router mode

    Posted 09-12-2023 09:18 PM
    If I have to recreate the site, can I import the VLANs from the 1830 switch?

    Michael Houser