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  • 1.  Aruba Instant On 1830 random disconnects

    Posted 08-18-2023 01:10 PM

    Hi everyone, 

    I have a strange problem with a customer of ours. 

    We have 3 Aruba Instant On 1830 48G PoE 370 switches. 

    Those 3 are connected with a single fiber from the SFP port from switch 1 to switch 2 and switch 2 to switch 3. 

    For the rest, end devices like computers, servers, AP are connected to those switches. 

    We have a few VLAN's for WiFi and some external locations also connected through fiber. 

    Now most of the time everything works fine, no issues, no errors but on random moments at random times (can be as few as one time a week to multiple times a day), the connection of the first switch stops. 

    When directly connected to the switch and doing a ping test, first I see loosing the connection to the server, then the router and eventually I cannot even ping the management IP anymore. The link stays up, so I don't see a disconnect on the port, but I cannot ping anything anymore. 

    When I physically look at the switch I also don't see a reboot happening and when I look to the logs when the management port is up again (after around 4 minutes), I cannot seem to find anything. 

    I do see NT_LLDP-N-LLDP_TRAP messages on some of the ports and some LINK-W-Down but for the rest no logs. 

    First I guessed it was a loop somewhere so I tried with enabling STP, RSTP and even just disabled it, but the random total disconnect still happens. 

    It is not a complex setup as this are just 3 switches connected with only one fiber cable to each other. 

    Updated the switch to the latest version but also no solution. 

    Would anybody have an idea how this could occur? 

    Why would the whole switch stop working for a minute of 4 and then just come back online. 

    Even when there would be a loop, would STP not just block that port? 

    Any help is appreciated. 



    Thomas Thooft

  • 2.  RE: Aruba Instant On 1830 random disconnects

    Posted 02-27-2024 12:02 PM

    Good afternoon. I'm having the same problem.

    Bruno Sousa