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  • 1.  Dropping from Wifi network

    Posted 02-07-2023 10:24 AM
    Hi,  I have a few complaints about users dropping off of wifi and then not being able to get back on for 10-15 mins,  sometimes after a reboot , sometimes after going into airplane mode they can reconnect.    The ones I've managed to catch have the followng error at the time they fail with clearpass...

    .ERROR Core.MacAuthSessionQueryEventHandler - Failed to get MacAuth session info

    Can anyone shed any light on this

    We're running 325's       

    We did have a corporate SSID cannected to vlan 30 and a test SSID also connected to the same vlan,  could this be the cause.  we are not running 802.1X on this vlan.  


    andy reynolds

  • 2.  RE: Dropping from Wifi network

    Posted 02-08-2023 09:18 PM

    Hey Andy!

    This is a question better suited for our friends in the Airheads Community. 

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