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  • 1.  Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 04-26-2024 01:27 PM

    I'd like to make a feature request to make logging available for end users on Aruba InstantOn APs. When troubleshooting client disconnects, trying to figure out why iPhones disconnected and take a while to reconnect, it is really annoying that there is zero logging available on these access points. Anything else in the price range (< $/€ 200 each), and even on my previous Asus home router and a current Fritz!Box DSL router/AP combo, you can go to the device web page and check the logs for hints and issues.

    This helps in deciding if it is a coverage issue, so more APs needed, or something else like incompatibility or non working 802.11k/r/v. Especially in clients with few diagnostics tools like Apple mobile devices and tablets you need to pull the information from the AP.

    I'm not saying that Aruba ION needs to have the same features as Unifi and Omada controllers, you have a differently priced product line for that, but a bit more than just a very simple connected client list with no history would be nice.

    In its current state, I can't recommend Aruba ION to anything larger than residential / home office, even small businesses often asks for help with wifi range and speed issues if you have more than 1 AP per site. Do I need to move them further apart, closer, or add more? It's an easy question if you have logging like on this Mikrotik thread, with lines for clients disconnected / reconnected and last signal strength in dBm and also if it was handed off gracefully between APs.

    At least I didn't deploy 100 of them before noticing this missing feature like KyoungHoon wrote previously on this site... That would be bad.

    Chi Ho Kwok

  • 2.  RE: Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 30 days ago

    I totally agree with you, this is needed.


  • 3.  RE: Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 20 days ago

    absolutely needed! Currently in terms of a sometimes needed debugging everything is a wild goose chase.

    Bernd Schmidt

  • 4.  RE: Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 29 days ago

    I agree also, and also wish to have the same feature on InstantOn switches that are managed by cloud management.

  • 5.  RE: Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 27 days ago

    Hello @chkwok,

    Your request for logging features on Aruba InstantOn APs makes a lot of sense, especially when troubleshooting client disconnects and trying to understand the root cause of issues like iPhone disconnections and slow reconnections. The ability to access logs directly from the device web page, as you mentioned being available on other routers and access points in a similar price range, would greatly improve the troubleshooting process.

    Having access to logs helps in determining whether there are coverage issues that require additional APs, or if there are other factors at play such as compatibility issues or non-functioning 802.11k/r/v features. This is particularly important for devices like Apple mobile devices and tablets, which often have limited diagnostic tools and rely heavily on information provided by the AP.  Catlikesbest

    While it's understood that Aruba InstantOn APs may not offer the same level of features as higher-priced products like Unifi and Omada controllers, having more than just a basic client list without any history would be beneficial for users. It would allow for better management and optimization of Wi-Fi networks, particularly in small businesses or larger residential setups.

    Your feedback highlights the importance of logging features for network management and troubleshooting, and vendors like Aruba must consider these needs when developing their products. Hopefully, your request will be taken into account for future updates or releases of the Aruba InstantOn line, helping to improve the overall user experience and functionality of the product.

    Best Regards,

    betty taylor

  • 6.  RE: Feature request - logging (viewer or download in app / remote syslog)

    Posted 21 days ago

    No app for me, but remote syslog would be a great help determining why I have 1000 mails since March 31st for just TWO AP11D. It's not them, they are working so WHAT is it? There are absolutely no usable clues what so ever on the web interface. 

    Even a "download the logs for this device" might help point me at the problem.

    Or I could just replace them with the competition, the problem there though, is once you do that, you never go back.

    Still can't change my name from FL17!