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Firewalla Purple and Auruba Instant On

  • 1.  Firewalla Purple and Auruba Instant On

    Posted 02-04-2024 07:59 PM

    Here are a few things while running a Firewall Purple and Aruba Instant-on using the Cloud Portal.

    1. I am running an AP22 and 3 1830 switches.
      When setting up the Aruba 1830, I created the VLANs on the Firewalla 1st and then mirrored the VLAN settings to the cloud portal.
    2. While setting up the VLANs on the cloud portal, I created the VLANs as NATed instead of Bridged.
      Setting up the cloud portal gave me a Double NAT, at the time, I didn't know that. I knew Double NAT was not a good thing to have on your network.
    3. I couldn't figure out how to get Inter-VLAN routing to work. 
      I called Aruba Tech Support, and they told me that I had to have NAT enabled and routing turned on on the switch itself (The1830 doesn't have this as an option). I think that Aruba Tech Support thought that I was using an AP11d as the router.
    4. After a few emails back and forth with Firewalla Tech Support, we realized that I had NAT enabled on the Aruba web portal.
    5. I removed NAT on the Aruba cloud portal, and I was now able to route between VLANs.

    Michael Houser