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  • 1.  Firmware update AP model Instant on IN0505

    Posted 04-01-2024 12:13 PM

    Hello everyone,

    When I enter the AP's interface from the IP address, the software version appears as Is this the firmware version of the AP that appears? How can I see the firmware version? Load balancing feature in APs is available by default in firmware 8.3.0 and above. How can I upgrade the firmware version? Can you help me about it please?

    Note: Aruba Instant On IN0505 (AP model)

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  • 2.  RE: Firmware update AP model Instant on IN0505

    Posted 04-01-2024 01:28 PM

    Are you confusing Aruba Instant with Instant On?  They are confusingly completely different platforms. 


    The APIN0505 is the Instant On AP22 which is part of the Instant on platform and 2.9.1 is the newest firmware for that AP.  Aruba Instant On caters to the needs of small businesses, especially those without dedicated IT experts managing their network infrastructure. It offers easy network management through a mobile app or the Instant on cloud portal, specifically designed for non-technical users. it is a simplified platform.


    Aruba Instant (IAP) on the other hand is the Enterprise portfolio: Aruba Instant is part of Aruba's enterprise portfolio, offering advanced functionality and management through Aruba Central Cloud portal or Airwave. This is a much more robust hardware & management platform. The 8.3.x firmware would be for the IAP product line not the instant on


    In short the AP22 Instant On is a completely different product with a confusingly similar name that cannot be converted to an IAP.