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How to Aruba InstantOn react to DHCP issues?

  • 1.  How to Aruba InstantOn react to DHCP issues?

    Posted 09-06-2023 01:38 PM


    I have the following scenario: An Aruba InstantOn network with 13 APs and 6 switches connected as this.

    All the switches are POE. All the APs are powered by the switches. All the devices get local ip address from DHCP router.
    Due to a change in the main router, i think that there is an issue about DHCP leasing strategy. At this moment, i have only 6 devices online and they are connected to internet thru "offline" switches.
    My question is if once the DHCP issue will be resolved, it is necessary to restart mannualy the switches or they can restore automatically? 
    My main concern is that this installation is far away and I try to resolve if i have to schedule a trip to attend the issue locally or not?
    Thanks in advance by any comment.

    Carlos Visser