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  • 1.  Looking at Instant On for my House

    Posted 02-05-2024 12:03 PM

    I currently have a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD setup with one router and 3 meshpoints.  I have decent coverage across most of my 3.5 acres here.  I'm looking to replace with either Aruba Instant On or Ubiquiti Dream Machine, but leaning towards the Instant On, so I have some general questions about setting it up.  The biggest challenge I have is getting a good wifi signal to my office in a detached building 120 feet away from the main house.  I'm able to do that with the Amplifi HD as I have the backhaul channel on the meshpoint in the office set to 2.4ghz and it connects to the nearest meshpoint in the house with excellent signal.  Does Instant On support 2.4ghz wireless uplink to access points?  Could I get 120 feet of distance out of an InstantOn access point?  Any certain access points that provide better coverage than others?  I would put an 11D in the office, and I suppose I could mount an AP17 outside the house to provide better coverage too.  A few other questions - is there any content filtering provided?  And can I segment devices on the same SSID onto different VLAN's?  Or is it one VLAN per SSID?

    Thanks in advance!


    Art Trerice

  • 2.  RE: Looking at Instant On for my House

    Posted 02-13-2024 11:03 AM

    If the outbuilding shares a common electrical service, I would consider something like the TP-Link Powerline Ethernet Adapter.  Then configure the wireless however you like.  This has worked well with metal buildings that interfere with a signal. It is also a budget-friendly solution.    

    Scott Morin