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  • 1.  MAC-ADDRESS based VLANs

    Posted 03-28-2023 10:18 AM

    Hello guys, i just want to configure my ARUBA 1930 to work with mac-address-based VLANs without any RADIUS in play.

    It is kinda hard for me to see where i can add MAC + VLAN to a table where the switch exactly knows which device should be in x VLAN.

    Thank you for your help, kind man.

    alp celik

  • 2.  RE: MAC-ADDRESS based VLANs

    Posted 04-04-2023 11:52 AM

    VLAN override is possible only with RADIUS authentication. We will pass on this feedback to our team for future consideration. Thank you for sharing! 

    Aruba Instant On Communications