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  • 1.  Multiple VLAN on Aruba 6000

    Posted 09-06-2023 01:39 PM

    I am beginer and trying aruba products and currently I have a project connecting two buildings with radio but they are using multiple VLANs also. there are 6 VLANs with the following designations and VLAN IDs:
    VLAN 1 Default Vlan
    VLAN 20 MGMT
    VLAN 21 VIP
    VLAN 22 Guest
    VLAN 28 Student
    VLAN 32 Teacher
    there is a switch located in A (SD) which already has a configuration 6 vlans ID above. they are using a switch aruba 2930 series on side A. there are the port which already connected between side A and side B, and already configured using vlan 20 access mode.
    The side B are using the Aruba 6000 series and AP11 for the AP.
    currenctly the switch port on side B is in access mode and AP11 can be detected on the Aruba Instant On App.
    is there a way to pass to 6 vlans so they can be used in AP11 with different SSIDs?

    Muhammad Reza Saifulloh Mubarok

  • 2.  RE: Multiple VLAN on Aruba 6000

    Posted 09-08-2023 03:38 AM

    In your current configuration it is not possible to bridge other vlans except vlan 20 between sites. You need to bridge all vlans you need over the wireless link if it support' this functionality.

    If you can only bridge one vlan, then you need to route traffic over this subnet in vlan 20. Here is the problem as the 6000 is L2 only and can't route the traffic.

    Hope this helps, Gorazd

    Gorazd Kikelj

  • 3.  RE: Multiple VLAN on Aruba 6000

    Posted 09-12-2023 12:38 PM

    Hi Muhammed, 

    if you can bridge and assign multiple VLANs on Aruba 6000 & test by assigning multiple VLANs on switchport and if clients can connect then its possible to have SSIDs created and mapped on the AP11. for which you need to create the different wired VLANS on the portal and assign them to each wireless SSIDs.

    let us know once if the first scenario works then I can help on the AIO portal configuration.

    Dhanasekar Panneerselvam