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  • 1.  WIFi Mesh network

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi Community

    I'd like to by

    ARUBA ION 1830 8G 65W SW

    plus 4 


    to create a local network into a 4 floor building.

    I'll connect the 4 access points trough lan cable to the switch.

    Is this configuration ok to create multiple wifi mesh networks?

    Giovanni Pirollo

  • 2.  RE: WIFi Mesh network

    Posted 10 days ago

    Hi Giovanni.

    I think that there is a small misunderstanding here.

    When we talk about mesh network, this means, that APs are connected with wireless links between AP that has physical connection to the switch and APs that do not have physical connection to switch.

    Your configuration is standard WiFi configuration (preferred one). Per your description you will connect each AP directly to the switch.

    If the coverage will be good it is not possible to tell based on info you provided. Coverage is highly dependent on architectural and material characteristics of the building. 

    On the other hand you can have up to 8 SSIDs on InstantOn APs. Not recommended, but you can have it.

    SSID can be deployed on only one AP hence each AP can have it's own SSID if this is what you are asking for.

    Best, Gorazd

    Gorazd Kikelj